BSNL introduced new online service portal. This service portal provide many service options to BSNL land-line and broadband customers. The main service from this portal is the option to view the call details. BSNL gives land-line call details including time, duration, price, discount and telephone number. Following steps describe how this details get from scratch.

1. Register at
>BSNL selfcare portal.


Please skip this step if you already have an account in BSNL Self care portal. During registration BSNL ask to give customer ID which can be obtained from your telephone Bill.

2. Login using username and password given during registration.

3. Click on the ‘Service’ tab.

4. Services page list lot of option or services given by BSNL.

BSNL Selfcare call details
BSNL Selfcare call details

5. Select ‘Check My Call details’ option and select month which you want to display the details.

6. press Go button which all calls details including phone number,duration,time cost discount etc

BSNL Land line call details.
BSNL Land line call details.

This option provide tracking of your telephone details and and usage. Please go through other options including broadband usage,posting and viewing complaint status etc.

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