LG received a big boost for its mobile business by becoming the manufacturer of the fourth Nexus phone last year, the Nexus 4. Of course, that shouldn’t be attributed to pure luck or something like that. There was a certain period last year when LG managed to outperform its competitors in the Android industry by introducing some pretty amazing tech, which debuted in the Optimus G and Nexus 4. And while the marketing of the Nexus 4 was a complete disaster, same as that of most previous Nexus handsets, it looks like Google has decided to partner with LG once again.

Rumors of the next generation Nexus smartphone are already growing thick and fast and, according to a report from Korea Times, Google has given the task of building the Nexus 5 to LG.
The report claims that Google’s CEO Larry Page has been visiting the South Korean company often to discuss the technical aspects. However, there is no official confirmation from Google or LG just yet.

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