LG received a big boost for its mobile business by becoming the manufacturer of the fourth Nexus phone last year, the Nexus 4. Of course, that shouldn’t be attributed to pure luck or something like that. There was a certain period last year when LG managed to outperform its competitors in the Android industry by introducing some pretty amazing tech, which debuted in the Optimus G and Nexus 4. And while the marketing of the Nexus 4 was a complete disaster, same as that of most previous Nexus handsets, it looks like Google has decided to partner with LG once again.

Rumors of the next generation Nexus smartphone are already growing thick and fast and, according to a report from Korea Times, Google has given the task of building the Nexus 5 to LG.
The report claims that Google’s CEO Larry Page has been visiting the South Korean company often to discuss the technical aspects. However, there is no official confirmation from Google or LG just yet.


BSNL introduced new online service portal. This service portal provide many service options to BSNL land-line and broadband customers. The main service from this portal is the option to view the call details. BSNL gives land-line call details including time, duration, price, discount and telephone number. Following steps describe how this details get from scratch.

1. Register at
>BSNL selfcare portal.


Please skip this step if you already have an account in BSNL Self care portal. During registration BSNL ask to give customer ID which can be obtained from your telephone Bill.

2. Login using username and password given during registration.

3. Click on the ‘Service’ tab.

4. Services page list lot of option or services given by BSNL.

BSNL Selfcare call details
BSNL Selfcare call details

5. Select ‘Check My Call details’ option and select month which you want to display the details.

6. press Go button which all calls details including phone number,duration,time cost discount etc

BSNL Land line call details.
BSNL Land line call details.

This option provide tracking of your telephone details and and usage. Please go through other options including broadband usage,posting and viewing complaint status etc.


Website hosting is most important for any websites. Even today’s search engines look for many factors link response time, echolocation and other factors for ranking a website.As per Google Webmaster guideline response time and up time of a website is an important factor.

However shared hosting nowadays is not reliable and provide poor loading time.The other remaining option are to look for a VPS or Dedicated hosting plan. But the price for a VPS or Dedicated hosting is not affordable for a stat up blogger.

The nice solution is to use your Desktop or PC for hosting your website.Even if seems to be complex there is very easy task to archive.


Please make sure that you got minimum requirement before proceed.

  • Reliable Internet connection(Leased line)
  • Static IP.
  • Desktop


  1. Point your domain to your PC
    • Domain have man type of DNS records representing where to look for particular service. For our requirement we need to change domain A record to point to your IP Address. If you can’t do that please contact your domain registrar or DNS provider to do that.
  2. Tell your Computer you wish to host a domain.
    • As a nest step we need to tell Apache web server to accept  connection requested with your domain name for this add this line to your ‘hosts’ file (located in ‘etc/hosts’)
  3. Tell Apache Web Server about The virtual host.
    • We need to tell Apache web server to configure virtual host(domain).this include location of root files.Ports they need to accept etc.This is done by adding following code to ‘site-available’ folder or Apache configuration.
      1. NameVirtualHost *
      2. <VirtualHost *>
      3. ServerName
      4. DocumentRoot /var/www/
      5. </VirtualHost>

  4. Enable your website.
    • Run this command on terminal to tell you need to enable new site
    • a2ensite
  5. Restart Apache web server.
    • sudo service restart apache2

All Set, check your web browser

Thus we can setup a web hosting for your own. For Dedicated server with i5,4 GB RAM,500GB HDD you need to sped at least 200$ in month. By using this method you need to spend 20$ a month and better managing capabilities.

Note : Please not this is only abstracted description of how to do it. You need to spend some more time for configuring security, performance parameters.


Install And configure APC on Linux Server

APC is a caching mechanism which transfer overload from processor to the memory. If your server experience high processor overload? Then APC caching is the best solutions. APC will save  complied PHP script code on memory so that everything compilation of php code is not required.


  1. Install APC package(enter this code on terminal)
    • sudo apt-get install php-apc
  2. Restart Apache Web server
    • sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart(not work for ubuntu 8.5 or lower)
  3. Install APC cache monitoring file
    • wget -O apc.php to www folder http://localhost/apc.php 





How do i get an email?

How do i get an email

E-mail is better electronic medium for communication.There are many email providers which provide email services.This include

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Microsoft Live

Email Service providers logo

The procedure for getting an email address is need to  signup for  that serice. Fo example for gmail you need to fill the signup form.

You can trust to provide personal information to these providers. These providers are better i the market and provide better service.After filling the form they will provide an email ID and password.Those credentials are required to log in to those pages.

Tha’s It Happy mailing  🙂

What is SSL(Secure socket layer) ?

Main function of SSL(secure socket layer) is to provide secure communication between client and webserver. In normal case without communication all data transfer b/w a user using a website is remain unencrypted.

So anyone can intercept those packets and extract information. This information will include credit card details and personal information. So it is very necessary to use encrypted communication b/w user and web server.

How do we Know data transmitted over a network is secure?


Every users using internet is need to know that most of the data transmitted over the network is not secure and can hijacked by anyone. So how we do we know which websites is secure or having ssl security. Well there is a simple solution for this, look at the url of the website if it is https then we can make sure that the data transmitted is secure. If it is http the data send to that website is not secure and can hijack by anyone.

What is a website?


Website in simple words the way of sharing information through internet,which allows to share information much faster and wider than all over the world other than any other medium.first go throgth some definitions,

Wikipedia :” A location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more pages on the World Wide Web”

This simple defnision provides most of the information needed,When explain simply the document shared through the internet.When we share something it is viewed by many users using diffident software,so we need a stranded language which accepted by world over also capable of work with wide variety of platforms.that standardized language is called HTML or hyper text markup language.

Hyper test markup language

Hyper text markup language or html is the language used for sending formatted information over internet.Which allows us o use different data types including text’s,images and also videos.HTML also provide option for collecting information through internet. Hyper Text Markup Language is a markup language that web browsers use to interpret and compose text, images and other material into visual or audible web pages. Default characteristics for every item of HTML markup are defined in the browser, and these characteristics can be altered or enhanced by the web page designer’s additional use of CSS. Many of the text elements are found in the 1988 ISO technical report TR 9537 Techniques for using SGML, which in turn covers the features of early text formatting languages such as that used by the RUNOFF command developed in the early 1960s for the CTSS (Compatible Time-Sharing System) operating system: these formatting commands were derived from the commands used by typesetters to manually format documents. However, the SGML concept of generalized markup is based on elements (nested annotated ranges with attributes) rather than merely print effects, with also the separation of structure and processing; HTML has been progressively moved in this direction with CSS.