Website hosting is most important for any websites. Even today’s search engines look for many factors link response time, echolocation and other factors for ranking a website.As per Google Webmaster guideline response time and up time of a website is an important factor.

However shared hosting nowadays is not reliable and provide poor loading time.The other remaining option are to look for a VPS or Dedicated hosting plan. But the price for a VPS or Dedicated hosting is not affordable for a stat up blogger.

The nice solution is to use your Desktop or PC for hosting your website.Even if seems to be complex there is very easy task to archive.


Please make sure that you got minimum requirement before proceed.

  • Reliable Internet connection(Leased line)
  • Static IP.
  • Desktop


  1. Point your domain to your PC
    • Domain have man type of DNS records representing where to look for particular service. For our requirement we need to change domain A record to point to your IP Address. If you can’t do that please contact your domain registrar or DNS provider to do that.
  2. Tell your Computer you wish to host a domain.
    • As a nest step we need to tell Apache web server to accept  connection requested with your domain name for this add this line to your ‘hosts’ file (located in ‘etc/hosts’)
  3. Tell Apache Web Server about The virtual host.
    • We need to tell Apache web server to configure virtual host(domain).this include location of root files.Ports they need to accept etc.This is done by adding following code to ‘site-available’ folder or Apache configuration.
      1. NameVirtualHost *
      2. <VirtualHost *>
      3. ServerName
      4. DocumentRoot /var/www/
      5. </VirtualHost>

  4. Enable your website.
    • Run this command on terminal to tell you need to enable new site
    • a2ensite
  5. Restart Apache web server.
    • sudo service restart apache2

All Set, check your web browser

Thus we can setup a web hosting for your own. For Dedicated server with i5,4 GB RAM,500GB HDD you need to sped at least 200$ in month. By using this method you need to spend 20$ a month and better managing capabilities.

Note : Please not this is only abstracted description of how to do it. You need to spend some more time for configuring security, performance parameters.


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